If I Be Lifted

Bible reference: Mark 5:1-42

In Mark 5:1 – 42, we read about Jesus encountering a man with evil spirits. To be exact, the spirits were called Legion, which means many. The passage shares how the man lived among the tombs, a place for the dead, and that he could no longer be subdued or restrained. He was wild and out of control. This is a man that is possessed and oppressed by demonic spirits and he has progressively gotten worse. He would cry out night and day cutting himself with stones. He is a bad place. If he could, I’m sure he would change his situation. He is living among the dead, he is isolated, and self-destructive.

The bible goes on to say that the man saw Jesus from a distance. Jesus is getting out of a boat and the man with the “impure spirits” leaves the tombs to meet Jesus. When he encounters Jesus he falls to his knees. The legions don’t want to leave, but this man is tired and needs deliverance.  After Jesus cast out the demonic spirits, the bible says the man was sitting and was in his right mind. The man wanted to follow Jesus, but Jesus told him to go and tell his own people what the Lord had done for him.

Jesus draws people, especially those who are tired of their situation. In John 12:32 (NIV) it says..”And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” People will leave a dead place if Jesus is lifted up. As believers in Christ, of we want to see a change in our relationships, communities and world, Jesus has to be lifted. Jesus is no longer physically walking the Earth but the people that have accepted Him as their Savior are Christ’s representatives. So Jesus walks the Earth through us. When people see us, they should see Jesus in us!

Prayer: Lord forgive us for the times that we didn’t let our light shine before man that they may see our good works that brings you glory. Lord create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit in us. We want to see people saved and delivered, we want to be your representatives on the Earth. We want people to be drawn to you so that they may have life and have it more abundantly. Give us the power to speak deliverance, healing, and restoration over the lives of your people. Lord teach us to always lift you up, in Jesus name- amen.

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